Inmatch Modelling Agency will bring the Model / Artist Seeker and the Artist / Model together and arrange for all the photo shoot TVC Film Serial Etc schedule and payment etc.

Inmatch Modelling Agency will only negotiate and freeze payments, terms and conditions on behalf of the artist / model. Performance of Artist, travel food & Stay as well as any other requirement during the shoot/event would be the sole responsibility of artist and client. 

Inmatch Modelling Agency will send you for Auditions or client meetings once the model is shortlisted by the client or at times directly if the artist or model fits the role as described by the client. All finalization of the artist or model will be done by Inmatch Modelling Agency only. We do not appreciate any direct exchange of contacts with clients directly by any artist or model.

It is clearly understood that the Client undertakes to maintain highest standards of decency and decorum during the shoot, and shall be solely responsible for any incident whatsoever.

Inmatch Modelling Agency will not be liable for any personal injury to anyone or damage/loss to personal/valuable property of the model/artist or an account of any incident, prior to or during or after the shoot.

Inmatch Modelling Agency holds right to Blacklist any Artist / Model who violates the above mentioned Terms.

Inmatch Modelling Agency will make all Artist / Model payments for any kind of projects done through the agency within three weeks of the Agency receiving the payment from the client after deduction of agency commission as per the MOU signed by the Artist / Model.

Inmatch Modelling Agency does not restrict any artist or model to work with other clients they are free to work with Non Inmatch Modelling Agency clients.

Inmatch Modelling Agency hold rights to all images submitted by the Artist / Model to use for the promotion of the Artist and Model itself and the Agency in Social Media Online Promotion Activities Etc.

Inmatch Modelling Agency is not tied up with any agents / brokers. Please do not entertain anyone who claims to be a Inmatch Modelling Agency associate without proper verification of the Individual or some Agency.

By signing this agreement and terms you hereby declare that you are signing this agreement on having convinced yourself of the content and terms and that you will not breach any of the above mentioned terms and once committed it shall be your liability to indemnify us of the consequent loss/losses.

If interested to register with us please fill the MOU (this will have a hyper link) and mail us for our approval. The MOU stands invalid till duly signed from Inmatch Modelling Agency.

Any dispute or difference either in interpretation or otherwise, of any terms of this Agreement between the parties hereto, the same shall be referred to an Independent Arbitrator who will be appointed by Internet Ventures Pvt Ltd. and his decision shall be final and binding on the parties hereto. The Bombay High Court alone shall have the jurisdiction and the Laws of India shall apply.

The terms and conditions mentioned above are subject to change without prior notice.

No Refunds would be entitled under any circumstances if you choose to terminate the association with Inmatch Modelling Agency.

Registration charges and agency commission rates are liable to change as per our discretion.

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